How to Start A YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is something that a lot of people consider for various reasons. You may want to share your opinion with people, or you might want to push your business. All of this is possible, but only when you start your channel correctly.

Know Your Market

Before you create your channel, you need to do some background work. This will include market research, which is the basis of the content you create. You should never start a YouTube channel without knowing who your audience is going to be and the content they favour.

If you run a business, your target audience will generally be potential customers. If you have products, video tutorials may be the best content to create. However, if you have a service business, you might want to walk your potential customers through problems they generally have that you can help with.

During your research, you should check what your competitors are doing. If they have videos with large view numbers, you need to take note of this. Of course, you do not want to copy them exactly, but this information can give you an idea about what you should be doing.

Create Your Account

Once you have done your research, you can start creating your YouTube account. Creating your account is very easy, but you need to ensure that you open a business account and not a personal one. After all, this is about your brand, and you need to be as professional as possible from the start.

To do this, you will need to open a Google account. Once you have this account, you need to head to YouTube and go to the account settings. There you will see the option to create a new channel.

When you click on this option, you should choose the use of a business or another name. The name you use will need to be your business or brand name. If your name is going to be the brand, then you can use your name in this section. Once you have entered the name, you will have your YouTube channel.

Fill In The About Section

Once your channel is set up, you need to fill in the about section. You should never leave this for later or choose to have something vague in this area. When filling this section, you need to describe what viewers can expect from the channel.

This is an excellent place to put any links to your website and other social media. This description will appear in a few places on your channel and you want to make it count. You also want to put your best foot forward with the section.

Have A Cover Photo

When people land on your channel, they will see a large banner with your channel name. This is where your cover photo will go and you need to make the most of this prime real estate. It is a great place to introduce your brand to people and give a glimpse of your personality.

You can make the cover photo as straightforward or as extravagant as you want. However, you need to keep it below 4MB in size and 2560 x 1440 pixels. You might want to play around with different cover photos until you find the right one.

Starting your YouTube channel is more than just opening a YouTube account. You need to know who your market is, what your competitors are doing and the type of content you should be creating. You also need to invest in some good equipment to make the best videos for your channel.

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