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450 Million People Are Protesting Worldwide


” BAN the word CRAZY “

Los Angeles, California Apr 25, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – A New Twitter Account Aims To Ignite A Worldwide Protest To End The Stigmatization Of The Mentally ill

450 Million People Worldwide are suffering from a documented mental illness. And with the misuse of words, those 450 Million People can be easily stigmatized their entire lives.

The use of derogatory terms to refer to the mentally ill has become the cruelest psychological punishment in the history of the world.

And to end this age old form of dehumanization @450MPeople is calling on President Joe Biden & Kamala Harris to help popularize this issue on social media by retweeting the hashtag #ImSickNotCrazy 

” This issue must become a trending topic if we are to ever have the power to BAN the word CRAZY from the human vocabulary “




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450 Million People



Source :450 Million People Inc.

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