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PREDICTION : GOD Causes Walmart and Target Stocks To Skyrocket In 2021


” God Bless The Stockholders “

New York City, New York Apr 24, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – OPINION EDITORIAL : I Predict That GOD Will Cause Walmart and Target Stocks To Skyrocket In 2021 by King Nazir Muhammad Author & Cultural Analyst 

It would seem that the fight against religious racism would begin in a religious institution, but fate would have it that it will begin in two of the world’s biggest retail stores.

Because no matter the racial climate outside their doors, Walmart and Target remain a place where all races and all creeds can congregate in one common interest.

This makes them the ideal place to introduce the idea that GOD is BLACK because it is neutral ground where you can either choose to believe that God can be all things – or not.

And whatever you choose is ok … 

Because we all can agree that free will is every human beings god given right

And if you happen to believe that #GODisBLACK then at the checkout counter your belief will be respected the same as anyone who believes that God is White – or any other color. 

So as a shopper, if I ever came across a GOD is BLACK T-shirt VIEW THEM HERE ( as with any other item ) I would exercise my free will to buy it or not. 

” this item is not yet available at Walmart or Target, but in a pro-black cultural atmosphere, how much is the support of a black god worth to any corporations value and reputation ? “

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Source :GOD is BLACK Inc

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