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Vert Shock Review - Is Vert Shock For You ? Check The Review

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New York City, New York Apr 25, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Having a vertical jump, that doesn’t satisfy the requirements and athleticism, that someone wants can disappoint him and lead to even worse performance. That’s why it’s really important to take care of yourself. hat’s where Vert Shock comes in place. The main founders are Adam Folker & Justin Darlington known as Jus Fly. They are both professional basketball players as Justin has been known for the best dunkers in the world.

Adam on the other hand is now part of Thincpro and has made as well other programs to help people improve their skills as athletes. Keep reading, if you are interested in a full and detailed Vert Shock Review. Have actually tried other programs as well and gonna share the experience, I have with them versus this with the current one.

As, there are many to pick from, but choosing the right one for you to achieve the best results possible is what is most important for each individual to get good results.

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What Is Vert Shock?

It’s a basketball training program, that’s focused on taking your vertical jump to the next level. It’s designed a few years ago and it is popular for its good reputation in the industry because it is made by professional basketball players. Can start using it even as a complete beginner as it also doesn’t require you to have any special equipment and it will actually make you a better dunker by all the exercises inside.

It’s designed in a way to reach your full potential by all the plyometrics inside and other exercises that are made to make you more explosive.

On the other hand, if you are short or a beginner, that it is a perfect fit for you. Even if you have some experience, it will help you to get your skills to the next level and be better.

It’s good to tell, you that are also scammy websites around, but here, there will be a link to the official website of Vert Shock, but the program is 100% legit. There is another honest Vert Shock Review

But inside of the 8-week system, there are complex training routines and it’s really detailed and laid out in the best way. Most people have seen results like 9 inches to 15 in most cases, improvement.

If, anyone uses it, must be consistent and stick to receive the best results possible, as tried have tried other programs as well, but received the most results with this one.

Along with all the materials inside, it’s guaranteed to see enhancement of your vertical jump as there is no need for special equipment or anything like that, can even perform the exercises at home, gym, or wherever feeling comfortable.

People also have seen improvements like being stronger, more athletic without expensive investment into types of equipment in weights or other things, because most of the drills are plyometrics.

By the end of the program, there should be definitely an improvement.

Inside of this jump program, that’s made to increase the vertical jump, there are some exercises like.

  • 180 squat jumps
  • lateral high jumps
  • side crunches
  • horizontal bounds
  • uphill sprints
  • around the square
  • depth jumps
  • lateral high jumps
  • tuck jumps

Apart from those many others, also secret tips used by professionals, all packed in 8 weeks. If, you already can dunk, can still benefit in many ways by adding some extra inches and additional skills.

No matter the age, gender or anything like that, everyone can benefit from it, because it’s suitable for a wide variety of people, unless, you have some serious injury, it would be good to consult your doctor before taking it.

You may have heard that plyometric drills are better than weights when it comes especially to basketball because they activate the elastic fibers, this gives benefits to the explosion that is produced. The good thing is inside Vert Shock, they really focus on such exercises due to that reason.

There are a wide variety of workouts inside that are gonna have the effect you want in order to see improvement. Don’t say that weight exercises are bad, but have tried some programs based on them and didn’t get many results by performing them long-term.

What Approaches Vert Shock Uses?

It utilizes workouts and set/rep mix to aim the elastic muscle fibers, which contributes to more explosiveness in the vertical jump.

The program is also made, if you are busy and you don’t have enough time, because, you would need just in the week around an hour because it’s made on the principle to work smart, not hard.

Also, as soon as you get it, it’s digital and you have instant access to all the videos, content, and all other things, as you can access it anytime.

The founders

As, we previously mentioned Adam Folker & Justin are both persons behind the program, especially Justin who has been the best dunker years ago and really high vertical jump. Adam on the other hand is the founder and CEO of Thincpro.

Benefits Of Vert Shock

People so far have shared many positive advantages.

Despite their height, genetics and athletic level, any of them got results from the tips and things inside, as there is no need for fancy stuff, just a desire to stick to the program.

No deadlifts, or any weight, because the program is made in a smart way, where all the things needed are revealed and a lot of them are plyometrics.

Justin, the dunker has been featured on Slam Magazine and Bleacher Report.

A good advantage of this vertical jump system is, it’s made in 3 phases and this allows you to master each of them.

Inside Of Vert Shock Program

The program is broken down into 3 phases and as you go through each one of them, there are different stages and there will be some intensity that is beneficial to the body

Vert Shock Pre-Shock Phase

The first part is more of a dynamic warm-up, which is really important for the body because if you don’t warm up the muscle, there can be caused injury really easily.

So, while going through this, the body will experience unique movement patterns and awesome workouts from Vert Shock to prepare you.

It’s not hard, because as mentioned, they have made the program work smart, not hard and there will be many benefits from this phase because many hidden tips of the basketball will be revealed throughout the whole system.

The pre-shock phase is made based on unique jumping drills to enhance the vertical skills as well as good reps and sets.

It’s called Pre Shock Phase, due to the reason it prepares the body.

Need to be performed 4 days a week for 30 minutes per session.

Vert Shock The Shock Phase

Now, this is the second part of the program, which is made to reach the limits.

That’s the part where, there will be the shock for the body to make you jump higher, where you will really see improvement of the vertical and it gets more and more interesting.

Now,  days a week, and 40 minutes for a session.

Every drill will carefully target the ignored elastic fibers.

It’s really important to explore each jump while doing this part of the training because this is the way, there will be gradually vertical jump improvement and elastic fibers stronger.

The goal is after those 6 weeks to be able to jump a lot higher than the majority of the people you know.

Vert Shock The Post Shock Phase

Now, this is the last part of the system and it’s called “THe Post Shock Phase”

Now, it is the time for your body to remember everything, the so-called muscle memory, and al the things, it has experienced during the 1 and 2 parts.

Now, it’s the time, where there is the opportunity to rise up and make a massive rim rocking dunks.

While going through this week, 4 days in the week training, 3 minutes each session and this is good, because, it is doesn’t time any time, but it’s really effective, because can achieve really good results.

There is not a lot of intensity, except in the second part, and even though, reaching the full vertical jump potential is absolutely possible and has proven.

Going through this last part, you will feel really good and light and very comfortable.

The elastic fibers inside the body will feel really good and developed to make you more explosive.


Bonuses With Vert Shock

You will also get access to multiple amazing bonuses, that will have a positive impact on your vertical leaps even more.

  • You won’t need to stretch your shoulders out of the socks in order to swipe the net.
  • The 4 Vertical Jump Killers

  • NBA Jump Secrets Revealed

  • The 5 Dirty Secrets To Jumping Higher

  • The Jumpers Diet Checklist

  • Weekly Check-Ins Of Vert Shock Program

  • The Power Leak Fix For Overnight Hops

  • Olympic High Jump Hacks Revealed

  • The Slingshot Secret To Instantly Jump Higher

  • The Vert Shock Maintenance Program

  • The Dunk Now Visualization Workout

  • The Vert Shock Vert Tracker Workbook

Final Verdict

From my personal experience, because as mentioned have tried it, I can say, that’s a really good way to get started into your learning and mastering your abilities and athleticism as a basketball player. Furthermore, another good thing is, that this doesn’t require you to have any special equipment or to buy something. All, you need is to stick to the Vert Shock System by Adam Folker and the improvement will come, gradually. 8 weeks is enough time to get your vertical jump to the next level, by what is inside.

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Pros Of The Program

  • Made by professional players.
  • No experience needed to start.
  • Affordable price
  • Secret tips


The only one,  can think of is maybe, that you need an internet connection to get access to it, but anyone has it, so it’s not a problem.

When, we compare with all the advantages, that you will get like the vertical improvement, better elastic fiber function, and many more, I don’t think it really has disadvantages.

You can perform everything of Vert Shock at home, as said, no need of equipment of fancy things to buy or anything like that, just a little bit of time, patience, and being consistent.

In case, you have some physical problem or injuries, it would be good for your doctor before using it to avoid complications.

There is also a limited discount for Vert Shock, that you can take advantage of. SO, if you want a detailed effective training program to improve your abilities as an athlete, this is the perfect one for you to jump higher and improve the skills, you have.

Find Out More and take advantage of the discount By Clicking Here

Keep in mind that the discount is for a limited amount of time because they want to have the most dedicated people join their program. While another program, that gave a trying time ago was really expensive didn’t give the desired results, wanted. This one is different from all the other ones, I would say in conclusion.

So get started on your journey, if you really wanna become a better player, because it’s worth when considering that it’s made by two professional players and one of them has been the best dunker in the world a few years ago.

Along with the other bonuses mentioned with Vert Shock, there is another one, called “Jump Like Justin”

It’s gonna layout the way to unlock a few inches of raw vertical jump utilizing Justin’s professional dunk techniques.

Not only, that but also using accurate strength multipliers to be one of the best jumpers, even if you are not really in shape and athletic.

Also adding tips for muscle memory and instantly having smooth jump from the best dunker as well as other things.

Leg tips to unlock inches on your hops. Another thing an easy way to dunk without palming the basketball, so you can make your first dunk.

Weird approach from Justin used for maximum propulsion and greatest effects.

How to grow confidence in jumping ability fast in order to be able to dunk without problems in your games.

There are also other great things inside this bonus, it’s like a mini-course additionally packed with videos and training getting the knowledge from Justin about the best dunk secrets, revealed as well as detailed modules to make better hops and more.

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