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In today’s world, advertisement has become unbearably expensive, especially with mainstream media. We have addressed this and have created avenues to advertise company events, press releases, featured interviews, and products.

Press Release

Does your company have an event or a new product, and you want an exclusive press release to be done on our platform? We have you covered. Whether it’s a press release for event date and venue or a teaser for a new product, we have a team of professionals who will ensure that your event hits the right audience. What’s better, you can always apply for a 5% discount on all our services after you purchase three of our services. Simply mention this in the form below for a special bespoke deal (no need to purchase right now if you want to take up the discounted offer).

Product Advertisement

We offer product advertisements directly on our website and on the platforms of our innumerable partners. There is no limit to how many press releases you purchase. A package 1 per month typically provides the best frequency to enable maximum online visibility.

You can set a budget of $60 or set a budget of $690 for a discounted 12 month featured press release (1 per month package). Simply mention this in the form below (again, no need to purchase right now if you want to take up the 12 month discounted offer).

Whatever your budget is, you will surely find a space within our product advertisement offer.


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